Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The wild Snorlax approaches..

So maybe I shouldn't have been excitied.. you know, for the AFS thing. I didn't even have to listen to it, but my mom did. I over heard some of the talking.. mostly from this mom from Jersey. did you know that thre is actually a real 'Jersey', so N.J didn't just pop up.

Today in school we watched videos about the organization 'Invisible Children', and afterwards while everyone was talking about a movie we would be watching the next day, I was being inspired to the max. I brainstormed the outline of an organization some friends and I could maybe start, but by my first thought of doing some thing for charity and their reaction, they might not even care..

Monday, May 30, 2011


So, while at my grandparents, the following things occured:
-Grandparent bickering
-I took a shower
-I found out one of my friends dad is in the hospital
-I mowed grass
-I saw a Cyberman Tardis


I had never seen it before. It sat at the edge of the railroad tracks that I pass everytime I go to my grandparents' house. Now, what it was.. I haven't a clue, but I kid you not, It looked just like the Tardis... except metal, like a cyberman. It even had the doors.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I look like an Arabic unicorn.

I'm not one of those people that goes around saying, "Music is my life!", but when you find a song that represents what you feel or want or whatever at a specific moment in time, its pretty.. awesome. Though, in my opinion, it's only awesome when it's a happy-ish song, because if its a sad-ish song, it may urge you to kill yourself. Hopefully your not that stupid...
My represtation song at the moment is Ready To Go(Panic! At The Disco), and to be honest, I'm not sure why! Well.. I like the words, the beat, the music video, and lets not forget about Brendon Urie! But I'm not sure exactly what it represents to me. The first time I heard this song was... maybe a week or two ago, but yesterday Is when I really started to listen to it.... Now I know all the words. I found this youtuber (Yes, becuase thats where I spend the majority of my time) yesterday that's rather attractive in my opinion, so maybe the song makes me think of the boy, yes, becuase it's always a boy.
Also, now that I think about it, there are three lines in the song that just mean the world to me (Of course I'll share them with you);

I think I'm ready to leave
I'm ready to live
I'm ready to go
There's another song that states I was born for leaving. My mom told me one day that was me. I fully agree. I can't wait to just go, no where in particular, but somewhere, and then eventually repeat the process. Maybe come back for a small visit, but never to return for good. Why stay in one place when there's SO many places to go? 'Small World'. Most stupid, lame, inaccurate, underestimated phrase ever. If you ever say that near me... I will want to rip your clavicle off.

Another song I would like to point out is 'Good Life' by OneRepublic. Now...the version on the radio.. no. No.NO. And it's such a good song?! Why did it take so long for it to get on the radio? I've known all the words to that song since, like, last July... OneRepublic songs just, for some reason, take a long time to get to the radio. Why?

Tuesday I have an online info session with AFS. I literally can not wait! Oh and I also can't wait till June Tenth! Why? Dudesons comes back to MTV(2 I think..) :).
Today I get to participate in the joyous event of going to my grandparent's house.Sarcasm.

-no I don't title....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dirty Temp.

The Temperature is 69 degrees.

That is all.

So, Hello!

So I guess this is the part where I introduce my self.....

I'm not really going to do that.
I'm a nerdfighter.
I'm a virgo.
I like stuff.
and I say stuff.

There, I've said all I want to say. All I really need to say, you'll get to know me over time (unless you all ready know me.. then...blah) because thats how life is.

Wouldn't it be weird if instead of saying 'Hey!!', or what ever greeting you perfer, we'd go up to each other saying, 'Hi! My name is Fiona, my favorite color is orange, I enjoy ancient history, geology, and chemistry. I absolutely ADORE John Green and Charlie McDonnell, and when I grow up I aspire to be an archaeologist and to have a Squirtle tattoo on my hip." and then the person you were speaking with continued with their information in the same format?

So a while ago ( Like, three months ago..) I thought I woud start vlogging on the yeuhtubez, but I got lazy and never did it. Although I am planning on doing VEDHITS (Vlog every day hopefully in the summer). I guess we'll see.

Because I am lame I just got around to watching Doctor Who. On netflix though, so I have to watch the olderish-couple-years-ago versions, because I don't recieve BBC America, so I have no way to watch the new episodes.......................*head desk*.

I don't really have much to say at the moment, I didnt really have much to say at the beginning, so I guess I could leave now and post again tomorrow when I have something actually interesting to say...yeah that sounds good.

DFTBA; And I guess I'll see you tomorrow!